The Bhavans Culture

The Bhavan believes that there are elements in all cultures which transcend all barriers and knit people together.
Its ideal is Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam – “The World  is One Family”.
It’s motto is Aanobhadraah Kratavo  Yantu Vishwatah: let noble thoughts come to us from every side.

The Bhavans Faith

The founder looked upon the Bhavan as an “Adventure in faith”, a faith in India’s  past,present and future.
It is also a faith in India’s people who have a rich and unbroken cultural heritage.

The Bhavans Pride

True to its goal of revitalizing Dharma or the Moral Law in its three fold aspects of Truth, Love and Beauty- Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram.
Bhavan is ceaselessly striving to carry forward India’s ageless message – Faith, Self-Discipline and Dedication, Shradha, Samyama and Samarpana.

The Bhavans Tradition

The Bhavan’s Institutions are not meant merely to provide training, information or skill for better jobs but also to infuse educational institutions with a devotion to higher values, to introduce seriousness of purpose in the broader sense of translating them to life with dedication.  Development of intellectual life of the students is not enough. It must be harnessed to moral and spiritual development. Rajaji has emphasized that information should blossom into knowledge and knowledge should mature into wisdom, and that knowledge with out wisdom can be dangerous. Bhavan’s commitment is to impart value based education to the young and the old alike. The noble values we cherish are encoded in Bhagavat Gita*


The school offers classes from LKG to Std XII in Science and Commerce streams (CBSE). The location is a serene and rustic setting in Manvila, close to College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Technopark, CTCRI Sreekariyam, V.S.S.C, Kerala University Campus, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences and Medical College Campus. School bus facility is provided to cover the whole city.

One among the foremost schools in Trivandrum city, our institution is highly student friendly, knowledge oriented, technology integrated, value addition promoted& founded on the true Indian tradition our ancient Sages have envisioned. Established by the great visionary,Dr K.M. Munshi., with the blessings and moral support of Mahatma Gandhi, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan group of schools stand unique in India and abroad in their mission of bringing up responsible future citizens.

Chairman’s Message

T.Balakrishnan IAS (R) – Chairman


Secretary’s Message

Shri S.Srinivasan IAS (R) – Hon. Secretary

Principal’s Message

‘Alfred Lord Tennyson- ‘Old order changeth, yielding place to new’
It is a matter of pride and honour to launch this new and improved school website.
This academic session of 2017-18 brings in the change of curriculum and evaluation pattern prescribed by the C.B.S.E. The erstwhile formative assessments and summative assessments have been replaced by periodic tests … read more

Let noble thought come to us from every side! – Rigveda 1-89-i

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