School days are filled with memories. Memories of the joys we shared, jokes we cracked, pranks we played and most of all the friends we made. It is this craving to relive these memories that the Alumni Association was formed.

A Knight is known for his courage and valour, characteristics which can be attributed to each and every student of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School, Kodunganoor and thus the old students association was christened “The Bhavaknights”. The name “Bhavaknights” was chosen so as to retain the identity of the other alumni associations of bhavans schools which is commonly referred to as “The Bhavanites” and at the same time be unique. The “K” in Bhavaknights stands for Kodunganoor, the place where our Alma Mater is situated. The Bhavaknights aim at bringing all the former students of the school under one canopy so as to interact with one another and support the school in all its activities and keep the spirit of oneness alive. Just as a knight protects his kingdom, a Bhavaknight is expected to protect and preserve the values imbibed in him by this great temple of learning.


Since its inception in 2009, Bhavaknights has been actively involved with the school by way of organizing several quiz programmes, seminars , sponsoring trophies and jerseys, assigning volunteers for various functions conducted by the school and has recently donated a podium to the school. Bhavaknights teamed up with the school and extended a helping hand to the victims of the Chennai floods. The Alumni Association of the school organizes reunions for all batches every year and recently launched an Alumni T-Shirt. It has a list of activities lined up for the betterment of the school.

Executive Committee Members

  • Ashwin C Nair – President
  • Dinesh Reghunathan – Secretary
  • Vishnu Vijayan – Treasurer
  • Remya Ganesh – Joint Secretary
  • Aswin Reghunadh – Member
  • Dheeraj Reghunathan – Member
  • Janu K.G – Member
  • Priyanka E Nair – Member
  • Savin Sasidaran Nair – Member
  • Sruthi Laya – Member
  • Aswathi Sreelatha – Member
  • Abhijeet A.S – Member