A talk on traffic awareness and road safety was conducted on October 15 by the traffic club in order to create traffic awareness in students. The class was taken by Mr. Raju, sub inspector of traffic control Trivandrum.

Under the health club programs an interactive session on oral hygiene was conducted for the students of classes IV and V with Dr. Kamala Lekshmi, dental surgeon. To make the students aware about Aids and also to empathize with those who are suffering from this deadly disease world aids day was celebrated on December 1.

Health and hygiene classes were taken by the club teachers for primary students and charts and posters showing the importance of taking nutritious food and doing physical exercises regularly were displayed on the noticeboard.

The teacher members of this club are:

1. Smt Sreeja V (I/C)
2. Smt Roopalekha O G
3. Smt Remyasree A R
4. Smt Nisha K Nair