The Mathematics club named as CIPHER is formed with appx. 150 students from classes V to XII with an intension of inculcating the liking towards maths among all students of the school. For this purpose two leaders were selected from the members; Master Gowthem Y and Kumari Hanan M of class XI A.

Also following volunteers were selected class wise for providing a smooth relationship between the club and its members :

1. Kumari Rhea Ram Babu; XII A
2. Master Rohan Joby; XII A
3. Master Karthik M; XI A
4. Kumari Sreedevi; XI C
5. Kumari Varada; X C

Teachers in charge of the club are :

1. Smt Mala N Iyer (I/C)
2. Smt Usha V Nair
3. Smt Priya V S
4. Smt Manila P


  • Assist, stimulate and develop student’s interest in Mathematics.
  • Help to prepare students for Maths related competitive examinations.
  • Encourage critical thinking, decision making and problem solving.
  • Develop reasoning through guided group work in Maths.
  • Make Mathematics more friendly to students.


The following are the planning made by CIPHER in order to achieve the above mentioned goals :

  • Seminars and presentations by eminent personalities.
  • Puzzle week for students to increase the thinking potential.
  • Organize quiz competitions.
  • Maths exhibitions to encourage the students to display their talents.
  • Mathematics magazine to stimulate children’s Mathematics inquisitiveness.
  • Arranging tour programs.


CIPHER was inaugurated by eminent Mathematics Prof. E Krishnan (Rtd. HOD, Dept. Of Maths, University College) on 6th Aug’ 2015. Sri. Prem C Nair, Hon. Secretary, BVB, Trivandrum Kendra attended the function and inaugurated Math Magic () by releasing a poster designed by our club members. He also released the colourful logo of CIPHER which is made up of 8 s.

CIPHER organized a puzzle week from 11th Aug’ to 13th Aug’ for classes V to XII category wise.

Following are the winners :

Master Abhinand A; VI B (classes V,VI,VII)
Master Suryanarayan; X D (classes VIII,IX,X)
Master Adnan M; XI A (classes XI,XII)
Master Arjun S; XI A (classes XI,XII)
Winners were awarded with colourful CIPHER badges.

SOF Maths Olimpiard

CIPHER initiated to conduct SOF International Maths Olimpiard (IMO) for which 59 students are going to participate which will be conducted on 10th Dec’ 2015.