bhavans_secretaryDear Student,
My philosophy on education, and on learning in particular, is an extended version of philosophy of life of W.H.Goethe, the German Philosopher
I believe – Learning in not fun; It shall not be a burden; It is a task, enjoy doing it.
If you want to enjoy learning you have to be systematic and work according to a plan-a definite time-table. I have a master plan for you. You can modify if need be

From Monday to Saturday
1. Sleep 11.00pm-5.00am 6 hrs
2. Reading Newspaper/TV viewing 6.30pm-7.30pm 1hr
3. To school and back 6.30am-6.30pm 12hrs
4. With books 5.00am-6.30am 1 ½ hrs
7.30pm-11.00pm 3 ½ hrs
And what do you do with your books
Read particular portions of the text book 2 times
Read your class notes 2 times
Try to write down what you have learnt at least once without reference.

All these must happen within 24 hrs for the time such portions are discussed in class.
And on Sundays and Second Saturdays revise your portions.
A suggestion to all of you is, never ever have an opportunity to say
1. I COULD HAVE MADE IT (DONE IT) for it would be meaningless to weep over lost opportunities. Do what you can do, now itself, for tomorrow or next moment will be a lost opportunity.
2. I SHOULD HAVE DONE IT! If you shouldn’t have done, then you should not have! It is not worth regretting afterwards.
Practice, feel confident and be comfortable throughout the year and ever after.

Prof. Sri. C Mohan Kumar, Secretary